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Recycling Division

Recycling Careers

Pratt Recycling, Inc. is the cornerstone of our sustainability efforts. We work with communities and businesses throughout the country to divert recyclable materials from landfills, ultimately recovering more than three million tons of paper and other recyclables each year. As a Pratt Recycling employee, your daily contributions will make a direct impact on our sustainability processes.

Robert's Career Journey


Front End Loader & Truck Driver


Fladbed & Van Truck Driver


Plant Manager


Southern Region Operations Manager

Life At Pratt

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From Intern to Hired: Transforming a Design Internship into a Full-Tim Career

Starting a new career is a time of excitement, change and a bit of uncertainty. Participating in internships can equip students with professional experiences to help them excel in their careers. At Pratt, we offer internships in a variety of fields…

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Intern To Hire Indeed Glassdoor

From Intern To Hired: Turning Pratt Internships into Full-time Sales Careers

Participating in internships equips students with professional experiences to help them in their careers. Drew Poland, William Bottcher and Nick Fields, current sales representatives who interned as college students, say their internship experiences shaped their career paths – in sales and at Pratt.

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Unboxing the Potential of Future Leaders

Inspiring curiosity and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement is one of Pratt’s guiding principles. From students to professionals, we strive to offer opportunities to help the future leaders of packaging gain the experience and confidence needed to unbox their full potential.

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