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Where Sustainability is Always Part of the Package

In a recent interview with The Australian, global executive chairman, Anthony Pratt, spoke about his “green mission” to use recycling as “an important weapon in the effort to address climate change.” From Pratt Industries’ humble beginnings of a…

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Pratt Logistics: Optimized Supply Chain, Exceptional Customer Service & Reliable Partner

Pratt Logistics, LLC is an integral part of Pratt’s vertically integrated supply chain. Utilizing a tenured team, modern truck fleet and advanced technology systems, Pratt Logistics helps to optimize the supply chain, driving efficiencies and a…

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Workplace Safety, Top Priority & Shared Commitment

Workplace safety is a top priority and shared value at Pratt Industries. Our network of plants across the country takes great strides to emphasize key safety procedures and protocols through ongoing training, employee engagement and shared…

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