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From Intern to Hired: Transforming a Design Internship into a Full-Tim Career

Starting a new career is a time of excitement, change and a bit of uncertainty. Participating in internships can equip students with professional experiences to help them excel in their careers. At Pratt, we offer internships in a variety of fields…

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From Intern To Hired: Turning Pratt Internships into Full-time Sales Careers

Participating in internships equips students with professional experiences to help them in their careers. Drew Poland, William Bottcher and Nick Fields, current sales representatives who interned as college students, say their internship experiences shaped their career paths – in sales and at Pratt.

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Unboxing the Potential of Future Leaders

Inspiring curiosity and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement is one of Pratt’s guiding principles. From students to professionals, we strive to offer opportunities to help the future leaders of packaging gain the experience and confidence needed to unbox their full potential.

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Providing Veterans with a Path to Civilian Careers

Pratt proudly employs veterans in a variety of roles throughout our organization. Many of our former military employees share that our corporate culture–which emphasizes teamwork, continuous improvement and career growth opportunities–enables a smooth transition to the civilian workforce.

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From the Classroom to the Workforce: Inside Pratt’s Internship and Co-op Program

In addition to creating sustainable and innovative packaging solutions, Pratt Industries is dedicated to investing in the nation’s rising talent with a long-term vision of cultivating a thriving workforce for the future. Pratt demonstrates this…

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Packaging Design Careers at Pratt Industries

Packaging designers at Pratt Industries bring to life a wide array of custom packaging solutions for various industries, including consumer goods, e-commerce, food and beverage, automotive, agriculture and many others.

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Celebrating the Women of Pratt Industries

March is Women’s History Month, commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. At Pratt Industries, we value the dedication, experience and hard work of all of our employees.…

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New Year, New You: Pratt Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Many people take the opportunity at the beginning of a new year to refocus on what they find most important, and personal wellness is often at the top of that list. With New Year’s resolutions comes a renewed sense of the importance of self care and…

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Tips for Finding Your Post Military Professional Path

Each year, approximately 250,000 service members transition from the military to civilian life.1 This transition can be one of new opportunities but also new challenges as it relates to finding a career. At Pratt Industries, we strive to help…

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Employee Well-Being is a Key Component to Pratt Industries’ Work Culture

One of Pratt Industries’ guiding principles is to hire the best people and provide an environment where they can thrive and succeed. According to Anthony Pratt, executive global chairman,“Pratt operates under four key principles and one of them is to…

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Developing and Investing in the Next Generation of Packaging Professionals

While producing innovative, sustainable packaging solutions is core to our business, so too, is building a pipeline of highly trained and engaged professionals. These individuals bring to life the myriad of corrugated products that our customers and…

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Pratt Internships & Co-ops: Applying Classroom Lessons to Real-World Projects

Pratt Industries is continually looking to grow and develop our next generation of workers. Understanding that the youth of today will be the workforce of tomorrow, we value the excitement and unique perspectives that college students and recent…

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