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Providing Veterans with a Path to Civilian Careers

Pratt is proud to employ veterans in a variety of roles throughout our organization, from frontline production and operations roles to senior leadership positions. Many of our former military employees share that Pratt’s corporate culture–which emphasizes the importance of teamwork, an entrepreneurial spirit of continuous improvement and career growth opportunities–enables them to have a smooth transition to the civilian workforce.

“Pratt is a very fast-paced and goal oriented company which requires teamwork and drive to be successful,” says David Crawford, a general manager at a corrugating plant and who served 5 years in the U.S. Army. “Similarly, the military is a performance based organization with measurable goals and objectives expected to be completed each year for promotion. These similarities make the change in careers for veterans who choose Pratt a bit easier.”

As in the military, Pratt employees rely on one another to work as a team to ensure that our plants operate safely and efficiently, which also helps build close relationships among employees.

“Being in the military gave me a set of core values such as respect, duty, service and integrity that guide me both professionally and personally,” says Warren Donaldson, a warehouse manager and retired U.S. Army. “These values, along with knowing how to work with a team to achieve a common goal, have helped me build relationships and progress in my career at Pratt. I am able to work with a team who respects and works well together…almost like a second family.”

Hoyt Stephens, a production supervisor and retired U.S. Navy, agrees, “Pratt is a great company with good pay and benefits. When employees say that working at Pratt is like working with family, that is not idle talk. Everyone truly cares about one another and works together to achieve success.”

Being a part of a team also means a culture that fosters open communication and new ideas. As a company, Pratt embraces an entrepreneurial spirit that drives our approach to growth and innovation. This spirit of inspiring curiosity and focus on continuous learning and improvement is something that many veterans value, feeling empowered and encouraged to share new ideas and processes with their teammates and leaders.

“The open door policy of my leaders is amazing” says John Malveaux, a safety manager and retired U.S. Marine Corps. “They have embraced my ideas in a way that has helped me grow professionally and has helped our team operate more safely and efficiently.”

In addition to an entrepreneurial culture and team atmosphere, Pratt supports employees through a number of career and professional growth opportunities. Employees may benefit from a variety of on-the-job training sessions and ongoing educational classes and programs through Pratt U.

Pratt has recently introduced a Leadership Development Program, which is a one-year program for employees with leadership experience to help them understand our operations. The program offers participants a unique opportunity to be immersed in a manufacturing environment and gain hands-on leadership experience in corrugating and converting operations.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Leadership Development Program at Pratt,” says Kyle May, a program participant and retired U.S. Army. “In my short time as a part of the program, I’ve learned that company leaders are really open and accepting of new ideas and provide the necessary tools and training to help you succeed. And, with it being manufacturing, it offers a stable, reliable career with infinite room to grow.”

“Pratt helps veterans set a path toward a rewarding career. In my time with the company, I have noticed how Pratt has a people first mentality in all they do,” Malveaux adds. “Pratt is an ideal place for veterans who are looking for a rewarding career that helps you keep the momentum that was instilled in you during your time in the armed forces.”

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