“Our internship and co-op programs are very special to Pratt. We have invested a great deal of time and effort to ensure that they will provide relevant professional experience for the students while building on Pratt’s long term commitment to establishing a talent pipeline of young professionals to fill future positions.”

--Mark Kempa, Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Pratt Industries

Internships & Co-ops

At Pratt, we value the new and innovative perspectives that college students bring to the organization through our internship and co-op programs. As part of these programs, students receive hands-on experience within their fields of study. Participants in both programs gain insights into the paper making and corrugated packaging industry, learn about sustainable business practices and build professional relationships that can help them as they launch their careers. Working alongside experienced Pratt employees, they can apply the skills and knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world scenarios.

Opportunities are available throughout the country and across a wide range of disciplines from packaging design and HR to finance and operations. Our internships typically take place during summer break months, while our co-ops work as full-time Pratt employees during the school year earning college credit to fulfill their program requirements.

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