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Transportation Scheduler


Logistics Admin Duties

Provide Coverage for the Logistics Coordinator in their absence

Provide Support to the Logistics Coordinator daily

Provide Daily Pickup ETA's to the shipper

Broker loads in TMW , Base on the freight cost in SAP

Freight Audited check with the carrier before Brokering the loads

Enter Assorial charges in TMW

*Send the carrier a cancellation email , when loads are cancelled

*Remove requested dates in SAP when a load is cancelled , add notes in SAP

Create Orders in TMW for 3rd Party Brokerage loads - Loads that deliver to outside Mills

Keep track of the 3rd Party Brokerage loads

Provide carriers Updated COI to the safety team , for TMW update

Enter delivery appointments in SAP

Scheduled Delivery appointments/ Manage ( Pratt Live)

Answer any emails that come over to the group email , pertaining to your duties

Solve Freight invoice issues

Request load status from the carrier - Via report

Provide Daily report of loads that did not deliver to the mill - Open orders report

Provide the Recycling Division with Daily Reports

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