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Clamp Truck Driver/Material Handler


The Material Handler is responsible for staging Rollstock for the paper mill. They will be operating intermittently Fork-Lifts, Front End Loaders, clamp trucks, and/or Bobcat mobile equipment. They must be able to get on & off equipment regularly, understand inventory procedures, some basic computer skills, and be able to communicate clearly with the team and their supervisor. They must be able to read orders, possess basic mathematical skills, complete documentation, and be able to operate various types of small to medium sized industrial mobile equipment.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Mental Ability – The Material Handler must be able to read orders and prepare reports legibly and properly. They must be able to communicate orally with all personnel in the plant. They must be able to operate a calculator for basic mathematical computations. Basic typing skills are essential for basic computer use and/or computerized scanning machine.
  • Physical Ability – The Material Handler must be able to climb up onto various types of industrial equipment truck and be able to operate steering controls, hand levers, and/or two foot pedals. There could be occasional climbing up a ladder. They must have excellent depth perception to maneuver the equipment and raw materials around crowded areas with co-workers nearby. Must be able to frequently get on and off equipment and the use of hand tools, specifically cutting pliers, is required.
  • Safety – It is plant policy to work in a safe manner. All Material Handlers must ensure guards are in place, follow lock-tag-try procedures, observe hazards such as nip points, and follow plant and department safety rules.
Physical Demands

Work is light difficulty, fast paced, physically demanding, and will be outside. Must be able to operate a steering wheel, hydraulic levers, foot pedals, and a handheld scanner. They must be able to observe their immediate area for safe operation of mobile industrial equipment in crowded areas. Occasionally, they may be asked to maneuver items by hand and be able to lift up to 50lbs.

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