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General Manager



Directs and coordinates activities of the plant to obtain optimum efficiency and economy of operations and maximize profits by performing essential duties personally or through subordinate supervisors.



  1. Develop and implement annual Profit Plan with action plans for detailed follow-up.
  2. Review Plan and provide Variance Report monthly.
  3. Monitor external business/economic environment.
  4. Participate in long-range planning.


Exercise general supervision over and assume responsibilities for, the administration of all Company policies and programs within the plant.

Values, Climate and Image:

  1. Promote the Company image as a competent professional, reputable and ethical Company.
  2. Provide a climate for personal growth and achievement in which employees may be innovative and effective.
  3. Delegate responsibility and commensurate authority to all key subordinate Supervisors.

Human Resources:

  1. Maintain an effective plan of organization for the plant with explicit assignment of responsibility through Position Descriptions and Standards of Performance.
  2. Provide for and participate in, the training and development of all personnel.
  3. Participate in and monitor all labor relations, Safety, Employee Communications Program, Recreation, Employee Benefits and Awards Programs.
  4. Maintain effective position descriptions and Standards of Performance.
  5. Assure all key positions are properly manned and plant is properly staffed to meet Plan and goals.
  6. Monitor all personnel functions to assure adherence to local, state and federal laws.
  7. Assure all employee performance is reviewed on an annual basis or as required.


  1. Review and control operating cost and expenses on a timely basis.
  2. Analyze and evaluate all financial reports and recommend or take necessary steps to provide for adequate control.
  3. Recommend and justify all capital expenditures and implement upon approval.
  4. Monitor all inventory levels and maintain as directed.


  1. Monitor all facilities and equipment and ensure they are properly maintained and protected.
  2. Ensure all production efficiencies, waste, quality and cost, are within planned guidelines and take necessary steps as needed.
  3. Ensure proper planning of requirements for all raw materials and supplies consistent with Company policy.
  4. Monitor manufacturing schedules based on sales requirements and plant capacity.
  5. Recommend and justify equipment, methods and facilities to continue and improve our competitive position within our market.
  6. Ensure all safety practices and policies are followed, all machinery is properly safeguarded and the plant maintains safe working environment.

Governmental and Legal Compliance:

Assure compliance with E.E.O.C., E.P.A., O.S.H.A., F.D.A., Anti-Trust and other laws and regulations.


Ten or more years of experience in the corrugated industry

Two or more years of experience in a managerial role in the corrugated industry


Commitment to Safety must be able to identify safety improvement opportunities

Excellent verbal and written communication skills: general ability to express clearly and concisely ideas and concepts in written and oral form

Superior project management and organizational skills

Demonstrated ability to excel with minimum supervision

Analytical and conceptual skills to think and plan strategically

Desire to aggressively learn and continue to develop knowledge and skills

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