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Electrical and Instrumentation Technician


Electrical and Instrumentation Technician installs, services, troubleshoots, and performs preventive and predictive maintenance functions on plant equipment. This equipment includes but is not limited to; plant lighting equipment, electrical circuits, motors, starters, motor control centers, programmable controllers, control panels, transformers, switches, transmitters, automatic valves, regulators, guide systems, distributed control systems, PLC's, overhead cranes, etc. May perform additional duties as assigned. The paper mill is a 24/7 operation, working 12 hour shifts in a 4 shift rotational may be required. The Electrical and Instrumentation Technician must be able to read orders, possess basic to intermediate math skills, read and understand technical manuals and literature and be able to operate motorized equipment such as forklifts, scissor lifts, Genie lifts, hoists and cranes.

  1. Able to troubleshoot, repair, and wire 120 volt and (3) phase 460 volt AC circuits and electrical equipment.
  2. Able to troubleshoot, repair, and wire 24 volt DC control circuits.
  3. Basic understanding of Electricity and Instrumentation.
  4. Able to troubleshoot, repair, and install distribution systems up to 460 volts.
  5. Able to troubleshoot, repair, and install controls: coils contactors, relays, brakes etc.
  6. Able to install transformers up to 460 volts.
  7. Able to safely rack in and rack out 460 volt, 4160 volt, and 12.47 kV breakers.
  8. Able to interpret PID, hydraulic, pneumatic and wiring drawings / diagrams.
  9. Able to wire motors single phase, 3 phase 460 volt and 3 phase 4160 volt as per NEC / OSHA codes and Pratt standard operating procedures.
  10. Able to use and interpret a Megohm meter.
  11. Able to use and interpret a mulitmeter; volts, amps and ohms
  12. Able to troubleshoot and install switches; proximity, speed, limit, pressure etc.
  13. Basic understanding and repair of guiding systems.
  14. Able to run and bend conduit and pull wire.
  15. Able to troubleshoot control valves and transmitters.
  16. General knowledge of electrical and pneumatic systems in mill.
  17. Understanding of pneumatic controls including controllers, actuators, positioners, and valves.
  18. Demonstrate knowledge of where to find equipment I/O for various processes.

Education and/or Experience:

Post-secondary educational degree (2 to 4 year degree from college, university, technical-school, military, vocational or other advanced educational institution) is required.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Mental Ability - Must be able to read orders & prepare reports legibly and properly. Must be able to communicate orally with all personnel in the plant. Must be able to operate a calculator for basic mathematical computations. Basic typing skills are essential because shift logs, reports, and emails must be composed.
  1. Physical Ability- The Electrical and Instrumentation Technician must be able to work with hand and power tools and requires manual dexterity with both hands. Must be able climb in and out of motorized equipment and be able to operate two foot pedals as well as operate both hands/arms for driving and lift controls. Must have excellent depth perception to maneuver motorized equipment around crowded areas with co-workers nearby. Manual lifting of items is frequent. Must be able to move, position, and climb ladders in a safe manner.
  1. Safety - It is plant policy to work in a safe manner. All Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians must ensure guards are in place, follow plant & safety rules, policies, and procedures. Must secure all open electrical panels and insure that all abandoned wiring is disconnected from all power sources. Must follow the posted PPE requirements for arc-flash protection. PPE must be worn per posted plant regulations when work on energized circuits is required. Eye protection must be worn when cutting, drilling or other machining operations are performed. Hearing protection must be worn at all times. Must follow lockout/ tag out procedures and assist with lockout/tag out for maintenance and operations tasks. Knowledge of pneumatic and hydraulic circuits is necessary to help insure safe lockout/tag outs. Must be able to lift items up to 50 lbs. in a safe manner and determine when help is needed to lift heavier items. Attendance to all Safety Meetings is mandatory.

Physical Description:

Work can be physically and mentally demanding at times. Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians must be able to physically change valves, transmitters, and small motors as needed. Must be able to observe immediate and overall areas for electrical hazards and take appropriate action. Simple rigging skills are required. Sweeping and mopping MCC and other work areas and emptying garbage cans is required. Cleaning up leaks and spills is required as needed.

Additional Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Requirements:

  • Wear all required Personal Protective Equipment (glasses, ear plugs, shoes, gloves, etc…)
  • Drug testing/Screening, Background Checks, Physical exam, and Reference Checks
  • Demonstrates a proven record of learning aptitude
  • Participate in ongoing educational certificate training program provided
  • Housekeeping, including washing up, sweeping, and shoveling debris.
  • Working knowledge of equipment design for process troubleshooting.
  • Perform other tasks as required by Mill Management.

Salary Compensation

Mechanical Techs will be Salaried Non-Exempt (Standard 40 hours and eligible for overtime after 40)

Level 1 E&I Technician: $58,000

Level 2 E&I Technician: $60,000

Level 3 E&I Technician: $62,000

INCENTIVE PLAN: maximum 100% of one month’s base salary; paid out quarterly


Rotating 12 hour shifts, both days and nights included

8 or 10 hour “day” Monday-Friday, occasional weekend on-call coverage

It is expected that all of our E&I Technician positions will fill both day and shift roles over the course of time.

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